Friday, March 13, 2009

On the road again

No, I'm not going to Chuckanut this year to see if I can better my 50k time. I've got an 18 mile training run with my 4:15-4:45 group tomorrow morning. My group is expecting 17 miles, but they're getting 18 because it's Saturday, normally my day of rest and hashing but both are now in jeopardy. It's almost 9pm which means there's 4 more hours to go before the CFA Fools (Barbeau, Jensen, Hyson and subbing in for Machray - Alexander!) start on the Coyote Two Moon 1oo miler in Ojai, California. That's right. They're starting at 1am. I believe that's the Sandbagger wave start as per the controversy last year. The only problem is I don't think they've had enough training as the weather conditions have been absolutely horrendous here in Vancouver. Not that there's any actual running involved, Go up a hill, go down a hill spread out over 100 miles. Joy.

I'm at the end of Week 7 and I've just realized I still have 41 days to go with 10 minute trainer. My core is really strong, I can see a hint of abs, and I have to go shopping for new jeans as there's more room in the back end. My speed workouts have really picked up from last week, I wasnt really pushing it on last Thurs' workout: 4* 2km at 3km time trial pace (6:40/mi). 2km = 5 laps of a 400m track. I was only putting in my effort on the last lap rather than being consistent on all 5 laps. My coach called me on my bullshit so I was really resolved to work a lot harder for yesterday's workout: 5 * 800m, 30 sec rest, then 400m, 90 sec rest btw sets. I was with a group of 3 other runners who were in my pace group: 3:20/800m, sub 1:40/400m. First 800m was a solid 3:20, 30 sec rest, then a very fast 1:20/400m. 90 quick secs later and we went again. And then I was alone for the last 3 repeats. My 800ms were consistent 3:20 and my 400ms were 1:30-1:35. My breaks were the same 30/90 sec. Turns out the other 3 were taking longer recovery breaks although they said they were getting faster after each repeat, whatever.

My long runs are also improving although I hope that my group can make it to the start line. Some have voiced concerns that they can't make the distance at the pace that we're running which is slow 11-12min/mile.
But that's kinda the point, we don't do race pace on our long runs, cause the body would simply break down. Last week was funny, my group is 85% women and there were no available washrooms for 11 miles, so they had to go without a bathroom break for over 2 hours. Tomorrow, I think the first washroom is at 1.5 and next at nine mile mark. Gotta remember to bring tp, you never know...

Later tomorrow, if I can make it to North Van for the St Paddy's day Hash, green beer and Irish stew, it's magically delicious!

On a hash related note, just received some bad news from the Ashland H3 in Oregon. Baggy Organ is in very ill health and right now all the docs can do is make his remaining hours comfortable. Cheers, Baggy.

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