Monday, May 5, 2008

My ego and my noggin took a bruising at Miwok

But I did end up finishing in 15:20 so it's not all bad news. Short story: I couldn't keep anything down and relied on water and nuun for the last 20 miles. My sodium levels were dangerously low and I had multiple full blown cramping sessions that oddly came after going up a long hill. My only bright spot was that my pacer, Yvette from SF, wouldn't let me quit. Unfortunately she had to go to a party in Oakland at mile 58 and I was alone again for 4 super slow miles. Fortunately there was no one on the course I could actually drop to so I had to suck it up to the finish line.

I got this little bump at the 22 mile mark, soon after leaving Pan Toll Ridge Aid Station. I hit a low tree branch and knocked myself loopy for a minute. Oh, well. I'll do better next time and you better believe there's going to be a next time!


Baldwyn said...

Oi! Never seen a head bruise from an ultra run before.

Hey, so originally I was named "Baldwin" too, but I started spelling it with a Y in a fit of rebellion. I was named Baldwin to make my initials BC after the province I was born in!

(I've met one other Asian Baldwin too)

Baldwin Lee said...

I've clipped trees before, but they're usually in the forehead.

Wow, that's bizarre. I'm from BC too.

I know there's another Baldwin Lee somewhere in Vancouver.

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Okay, all this Balwynbonding-- I feel like I'm intruding or something.

Congrats on gutting it out to the finish! I've been there. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger--usually.

What a nasty bump. I tend to hit branches more if my cap brim is forward, so sometimes when I'm in the woods, I reverse my cap. I don't know if you were wearing anything on your head.

By the way, thanks for the STORMY advice, but since I'm sponsored by Sportiva (and I secured their 1 comped spot), I will have to run in Sportiva shoes. I might ask you some more questions later. See you in August!