Monday, June 9, 2008

Vancouver 100

So long day and night this past Saturday. Got a 3 hour 15 min training run on the Stormy 100 mile course, granted I was only on course for 1:45, but it was good runnable trail. Then I found out the RD has to change the course due to the actions of some relay members from last year's running. Sigh. Hopefully not too much has changed.

After finishing at 11:30am, drove back from Squamish to Horseshoe Bay to see the winner of the Vancouver 100km, Bill Dagg, at the halfway point. After he refueled after seeing his crew, I ran with him for a little while until we saw the next runner. This turned out to be 40 minutes later! I ran back with two more runners, Neil and Mike. (whose gel flask had blown up and leaked its contents all over his shorts, eeeew) I relaxed and got some food and then after hanging out for a bit, headed back home to get ready to pace my friend Jess for the last quarter of the 100km.

I met Jess and her other pacer Michelle at 1am Sunday morning at Cleveland Dam. Jess had some knee problems and had to change into her road shoes as her trail runners were giving her too much grief. This had reduced Jess to a walk. A strong purposeful walk, but a walk all the same. It took over nine hours in wet miserable conditions but Jess finished with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Well, okay, maybe not a song per se.

Next up for me is Jog for a Jug in Point Roberts, WA, then it's back to more night running at the 24 hour relay this coming Saturday.

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